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The Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center) is the private organization for promoting Turkey’s investment opportunities to the global business community and for providing assistance to investors before, during, and after their entry into Turkey. ​

The Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center) is in charge of encouraging investments that further enhance the economic development of Turkey. To this end, the Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center) supports high-tech, value-added, and employment-generating investments with its facilitation and follow-up services during whole processes of relevant investments.

Active on a global scale, the Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center) operates with a network of local consultants based in a number of locations including Germany, Italy, Japan, Qatar, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, UAE, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the UK etc…

The Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center) offers an extensive range of services to investors with a one-stop-shop approach, ensuring that they obtain optimal results from their investments in Turkey.

Turkish Business Center

The Türk İş Merkezi (Turkish Business Center)’s team of professionals can assist investors, students, visitors, in a variety of languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

Türk İş Merkezi ( Turkish Business Center ) is an innovative brand that exemplifies to promote BUSINESS & INVESTMENT, EDUCATION, TOURISM, HEALTY, REAL ESTATE, IMPORT & EXPORT, FAIR ORGANIZATION, TURKISH CITIZENSHIP, TO GET TURKISH VISA programmes. Our team includes seasoned Consultants and competent professionals.

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Turkish Business Center Promotes the below programs and gives consulting to Foreigners who has interest to come to Turkey with below programs.

Business & Investment

in Turkey

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Study – Education

in Turkey

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in Turkey

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in Turkey

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Real Estate

in Turkey

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Import & Export

in Turkey

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Fair Organization

in Turkey

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Gaining Turkish Citizenship

Vip Service

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Get Visa

to Turkey

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